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Ladies and Gentlemen...


the most beautiful, loving, smartest and talented dog in the world !


Heaven Sent Brandy is stated to be the Worlds Smallest Living Dog (lengthwise) by Guinness. A short coated Chihuahua who only measures 6 inches from her nose to the end of her tail! That is one tiny pooch! While Chi’S are supposed to be small, they aren’t supposed to be *that* small!


Gibson is a whopping 170 lbs of Dane that stands over 7 feet tall when he is on his back legs! At his shoulder he measures 42.6 inches! The average Irish Wolfhound stands about 34 inches at the shoulder - this should give you some prospective on just how massive Gibson truly is! His height has made him quite the celebrity; Gibson has been seen on Oprah, Larry King Live and Good Morning America (just to name a few!).

The Great Dane is both regal and strong in appearance. It has a big muscular body, a square muzzle and a tapering tail, which is usually carried straight down. The ears naturally hang beside the head unless they are cropped, in which case they appear erect and pointed. Its size does not affect its general conformation that is so well balanced that it is able to move with a long reach and powerful drive and never clumsy. The short, glossy coat that covers its well developed body, its finely chiseled head and a firm neck that is set high and well arched combines to produce the distinctive majestic elegance associated with the Great Dane. Its ancestry is uncertain but is generally believed to be a cross between the English Mastiff and the Irish Wolfhound. It was bred in Germany and not in Denmark as it name suggests. It is known as the “Apollo of All Dogs” and the “Gentle Giant”.
Height: 28 to 32 inches
Weight: 100 to 200 pounds
Great Dane Skills
Early Danes were physically different in size and structure compared to the present Great Dane. They were formerly courageous and powerful hunters of wild boar capable of great speed and swift attack. The practice of many German noblemen in keeping them at their estates metamorphosed the breed into a reliable companion and protector. It has been used recently for therapy, service work and providing assistance to people with mobility problems. It also performs well in agility trials and schutzhund work. Talents include tracking, watchdog and carting.
Great Dane Personality
A Great Dane is gentle despite its size. It is spirited, courageous, friendly, dependable, loyal and intelligent. Timidity and aggressiveness are not acceptable traits for this breed. It especially loves being around people and is known to be playful and patient. However, it should be thoroughly obedience trained while still young for greater manageability once it is fully grown.
Exercise Needs
A Great Dane needs plenty of exercise or at the least a daily long walk.
Living Conditions
A Great Dane will find apartment life acceptable as long as it is given sufficient exercise. It may be relatively inactive thus a home with a large yard would be better.
Grooming Requirements
The Great Dane’s smooth short-haired coat is easy to groom. A firm bristle brush is used for combing and brushing this average shredder. Dry shampooing can be done when necessary and nails should be kept trimmed. Bathing a dog of this size can be quite difficult thus it is better to have a daily grooming routine to minimize the need to do so.
Health Issues
There are a number of health conditions that have been identified in the Great Dane. Some of which that can be identified through testing are cardiomyopathy, hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism and cataracts. Other health concerns include cancer, wobblers, hypertrophic osteodystrophy and panosteitis and bloat.

Smallest dog in the world PINNOCHIO

Pinocchio was the world's smallest dog. He was featured on Oprah, a number of commercials and he even had songs dedicated to him. But he died. Sad. Anyway, as you can see in the photo, apparently the dogs like Coca-Cola. We saw above that the smallest kitten was a Pepsi fan :)

BOO BOO, the smallest dog in the worldLast updated
at 11:22 05 October 2007

Comments (0) Added to My StoriesStanding just four inches tall, Boo Boo wouldn't be much use fetching the newspaper. But the special dog from Raceland, Kentucky now has the big title of the world's smallest dog.
The longhaired Chihuahua was entered into The Guinness Book of World Records in September.

World Tallest Dog Meets Smallest Dog

One of the smallest dogs and cats. Looking at you.

Worlds Smallest Dog: Yorkshire Terrier

Its Dog... Not Towel

a Labrador cross, was bought by David Richardson from the RSPCA, 26 years ago when she was three years old.
She had lived with Mr Richardson, 76, and his partner Daisy, 81, since 1982 in Clay Cross, Derbyshire.
But she was put down on Saturday following a heart attack while on holiday with the couple.
Until Bella the record for the oldest dog was held by Butch, a 28-year-old from America who died in 2003, according to the Guinness World Records. Officially, the oldest ever dog was Bluey, a sheepdog from Australia, who lived to 29.
Although Mr Richardson, from Clay Cross, has no official documentation to prove Bella's age, he insists she was 29.
"We had just come up to Mablethorpe – we always go to the same place on holiday because we can take the dogs," said Mr Richardson.
"We had barely been here for an hour when Bella started panting and yelping and collapsed in front of the sofa.
"We took Bella to the vet but she was so ill she had to be put to sleep. It was very upsetting. We will miss her a lot.
"Lots of people came to see us and to wish Bella goodbye. Our friends and neighbors were very fond of her,
The RSPCA does not hold records stretching back to when Mr Richardson bought Bella and the Guinness World Records says Bella could not have been included because their was no documentation.
During a brief scare when the Richardson's thought they would have to finally put Bella to rest, David took her to the vet to be checked out:
"I decided to take her to the vet to be checked and she said Bella was very fit for her age apart from a bit of arthritis in her legs. Her heart is strong and she can still potter around the garden so she might have a good few years left."

Source : Telegraph Related Animal World Records, Dog Guinness world records, Worlds Biggest Horse Guinness World Records 2008

The world record for the most tennis balls held in the mouth by a dog at one time is five. Augie, a golden retriever owned by the Miller family in Dallas, Texas, USA, successfully gathered and held all five regulation-  
sized tennis balls on July 6, 2003.

Longest Ears
  Mr. Jeffries is a Basset hound from West Sussex, England. His ears measure 29.2 cm. He is also the grandson of the famous dog from the Hush Puppies shoe ads.

Drug Sniffing
  The only drug sniffing dog with a 100% arrest record. The U.S. Army dog named General W-235. With 220 searches, 220 arrested and over 330 seizures of contraband.
  He was also was the shortest German Shepherd with the tallest handler. Generals height was exaggerated to be 23" to qualify him for acceptance.  He was actually 22" and his handler is 6' 6". General received a mandatory put down at age 12 in Oct. 1983, just months 
view larger picture

before Sterling Publishing put him in Gerald Wood"s Animal Facts and Feats Guinness Book.  This was just after working as a training aid for four straight years

Heaviest Beagle

Dakota weighs 85 muscular pounds. Dakota is temporally living in North Aurora, Illinois with the Smith's.

Oldest Dog
An Australian Cattle-dog named Bluey, owned by Les hall of Rochester, Victoria, Australia, was obtained as a puppy in 1910 and worked among cattle and sheep for nearly 20 years. He was put to sleep on November 14, 1939 at the age of 29 years, 5 months.

Cerberus, Guard dog of Hades
Most sources agree that Cerberus had three heads. The center head was in the shape of a lion, while the other two were in the shape of a dog and a wolf, respectively. He also had a dragon's tail and a thick mane of writhing snakes. 
view full size pic
  Cerberus was the watchdog of hell. Chained to the gates of Acheron, harassing the spirits entering Hades and devouring those who tried to escape. Cerberus has been used many times in various movies over the years.

The World’S Longest Dog,

with a nose to tail length of 2m 32cm (7.61 feet) 2009

Chinese Fu Dog
It is in the most sophisticated and earliest of civilization, China, that the black dog plays its greatest role in religion, folklore, and mythology. The "Fu Dog", a recurring theme in  
Chinese culture, has the positive attribute of bringing happiness and good fortune. A great deal of the dog's early domestication took place in ancient China. It is here, too, that the first pack-hunting dogs were bred.

The Irish Wolfhound
The beginnings of Irish Wolfhounds can be traced back as early as 273 B.C. through ancient woodcuts and writings. Ownership of these great hounds were  
emperors, kings, nobility and poets; their chains and collars were often of precious metals and stones. They were held in such high esteem that when disputes arose over them, not only individual combats but full scale wars often occurred. By the year 391 A.D., the breed was known in Rome, when the first authentic mention of it was written by the Roman Consul Quintus Aurelius, who had received seven of them as a gift which "all Rome viewed with wonder."

The Howling Dog
Perhaps the most powerful universal belief associated with dogs is that they possess the ability of second sight. It is said that a dog can see apparitions and sense if death is imminent. This may be because we now know that the dog can sense chemical changes in the air, and it is known that the human body undergoes such changes close to death. Evidence abounds that supports this with dogs howling when the owner is ill. It is understandable then that to hear a dog howling has long been considered to be a death omen, and the same is said to be true if the dog howls by an open door. The actual moment of death was thought to be marked by a dog howling three times and then ceasing. A barking dog too was usually a sign of misfortune if  heard first thing in the morning.

Reindeer Dog of Norway
A long, long time ago a couple of dogs sat on a hill chitchatting and watching humans who were desperately trying to gather up a herd of reindeer. Having looked at the idle yelling and running around for a while, the dogs decided: "We could do that better". And so did the reindeer herdsmen get an irreplaceable helper, a dog who himself wanted to help.

Are Dogs Look Like Their Owners?

One of the eternal conundrums is: Do dogs look like their owners?  If this perceived wisdom is indeed true, is it that dog grows to mimic its owner, or does the owner choose a dog in their own image?

Example of a girl looking like her dog.

What beautiful hair each has.

So alike - same smile

Example of a boy looking like his dog

My, those noses look similar.

Meet Rascal The World's Ugliest Dog

Here is  Rascal after being in
Long Beach, Ca. invited as
special guests and to have
Rascal be the Grand Marshal
to lead their Haute Dog
Easter Parade of about 400+
dogs for a 2 mile parade.
Rascal, The only living and competing Ugly dog to hold
the coveted "Ring of Champions" title which makes him
the current "World's Ugliest Dog".

Rascal is a very healthy 8 years old pure bred
Chinese Crested. We do NOT shave him; he is naturally
and completely hairless except for his Mohawk and a little
hair on his tail and feet. He is complete with ugly dog
warts and freckles. Rascal has a lack of teeth, so he can
keep his tongue in his mouth, and his face appears
crooked at times.

Owned by Actor, Dane Andrew of Sunnyvale, Ca. USA.
Rascal is Ugly Dog Royalty being from a dynasty of ugly
with his Mom, Grandmother, and Grandfather all who
have held the title of "The World's Ugliest Dog". Rascals
Grandfather "Chi Chi" is in the Guinness Book of World
Records for winning the most ugly dog contests and was
undefeated with 7 ugly dog wins. He may be the only dog
along with Rascals Mom  to receive a Mayoral

Some people are calling him a Space Alien, and even
nicknamed, Hairless Potter, but to us he is just our loving
little Family member.

Rascal was ugly enough that Jay Leno had him on the
NBC Tonight Show before he had ever even won his
2002 title, since then he has done several more TV
shows and has been cast in 3 horror movies, one with the
Scream Queen, Brinke Stevens.

Rascal has a cartoon strip on the way, called The Ugliest

Rascal Has been on a number of TV shows, including
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Jane Pauley at NBC
NY., America's Greatest Pets, Guinness World Records
Prime Time, Mornings on 2, Evening Magazine, and many
others not to mention TV news and newspaper stories.

Rascal now has a film career and has been in the movie
"Tele-Zombie", as the killer Zombie Dog, see and just played the witches pet in a
new movie "The last Nightmare" . He has two other
movies pending.

Dane Andrew
& Rascal
P.O.Box 2195
Ca. 94087
(408) 744-9017
A Family History of the Worlds Ugliest Dog.

Here are photos of the dog who started it all, and some of his
descendents who have all won the title of World's Ugliest

Chi Chi is the one who is in the Guinness book.

Different Guinness Records Set By Dogs

The Guinness Book of World Records has records that are broken every year by some new endeavor or spectacular animal. When we hear of the Guinness Book of World Records regarding dogs, such as Samson, a cross between two of the bigger breeds, the Great Dane and Newfoundland. He is 37in at the shoulder, stands 6ft 5in on his hind legs. However, many other dog-related records are broken in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Mr. Jeffries (registered as Knightsfollie Ladiesman), a Bassett Hound from West Sussex, England was entered in the Guinness Book in 2004 as the dog with the largest ears in the world. At 11.5 inches, his ears are so long that they flap in the wind on a breezy day and drag in his food. His owner, Phil Jeffries says his ears are so valuable that they are insured for $47,800. Mr. Jeffries is the grandson of Biggles, the dog that's on the Hush Puppies shoes. Another interesting fact is that it was the grandfather that previously held the title for the longest ears.

We can't forget Gibson the seven foot tall Harlequin Great Dane that is 42.2 inches tall and 170 pounds. He is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest dog in the world. Gibson owned by Sandy Hall of California, beat out the previous winner, Harvey, who was 41.5 inches tall. Although both Gibson and Harvey have been Guinness Book of World Record winners for being the tallest dogs in the world in their time, they are not first to be the tallest to be recorded. That was also Shamgret Danzas, who was 42 inches tall and weighed 238 pounds. He was only a half-inch shorter than Gibson was, but he weighed almost 70 pounds more than Gibson did.

Another feat accomplished by large breed dogs is hunting and tracking. An amazing Doberman pinscher by the name of Sauer, tracked a thief 100 miles across the Great Karroo in South Africa by his scent alone in 1925. Sauer, who was trained by Detective-Sergeant Herbert Kruger, still holds the record for being the best tracking dog.

Although small dogs have done amazing things as well, it seems as though it's the large breed dogs that accomplish all the amazing physical feats. Years ago in 1849, a Greyhound Dog by the name of Bang made a 30-foot jump in his pursuit of a hare in Glouchestershire, England. He made the jump over a 4 foot 6 inch gate. Unfortunately, for Bang, he injured his pastern bone in the process.

Kell, an English Mastiff from England, also set a record for the heaviest dog in the world with a weight of 286. His neck isn't as big as Hercules, but he weighs a couple more pounds than Hercules. He set the world record in 1999. Moose is another dog that set the Guinness Book of World Records in 2001 as the heaviest dog in the world, but lost his title upon his death, so the title went back to Kell.

also an English Mastiff, went down in history as the heaviest and tallest dog there ever was in 1989 with a weight of 343 and measured over 8 feet from nose to tail. No dog since then has taken this record away from him. It was Zorba's death, which caused the title to go to another dog. Zorba's registered name was Aicama Zorba of La-Susa and was proudly owned by Chris Eraclides of London, England.

Setting records in the Guinness Book of World Records is not the only accomplishments by large breed dogs. Many large breed dogs have made themselves famous on the television or movie screen and are known by generations. One of the most famous dogs of all times is Lassie.. Lassie was a beautiful collie that starred in his own television show, movies and books through the years. All the Lassie dogs through the years were descendents of the original Lassie. Those lucky enough to have watched Lassie as a child are often still watching reruns of Lassie with their grandchildren, and still loving the excitement Lassie brought to the screen

The very first dog to ever become a movie star was Blair, a collie in the movie "Rescued by Rover" in 1905. Cecil Hepworth, an actor and movie director, owned Blair. In the movie, there was a kidnapping and the family dog, Rover (played by Blair) saved the day. It was after this movie, that the name Rover became very popular for family dogs.

Another very famous canine movie star was Rin Tin Tin. A beautiful German shepherd born in Germany, Rin Tin Tin was brought into the United States after an American pilot named Lee Duncan, who also became his trainer, rescued him from the trenches. Rin Tin Tin's first movie "Where the North Begins" was in 1925 and after this, he made 25 more movies. He earned approximately 5 million dollars and signed his contracts with a paw print.

There have been many popular and famous large breed dogs that have made history. Let's not forget Snoopy!

Check out Gibson, The Giant Dane

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Newfoundland Dog

Bull Mastiff

Extract from PeTA's Media Centre
If you are concerned about your companion animals’
health and about the cruelty of the meat industry,
now is the time to stop buying meat-based commercial
pet food.
The flesh of animals who fall into one of the
categories of the four D’s—dead, dying, diseased, or
disabled—is what often goes into pet food. Many of
these animals have died of infections and other
diseases. Most pet foods contain the same hormones,
pesticides, and antibiotics that are found in
commercial meat products for humans.
Vegetarian Dogs and Cats
Many vegetarians and vegans feed healthful, meatless
diets to their companion animals. One remarkable
example is that of Bramble, a 27-year-old border
collie whose vegan diet of rice, lentils, and organic
vegetables earned her consideration by the Guinness
Book of World Records as the world’s oldest living dog
in 2002.
Studies have shown that the ailments associated with
meat consumption in humans, such as allergies, cancer,
and kidney, heart, and bone problems, also affect many
The nutritional needs of dogs and cats are easily met
with a balanced vegan diet and certain supplements.
Some people wonder if
it’s “unnatural” to omit
meat from the diet of
a dog or cat. Animals
in the wild commonly
eat quite a lot of plant
Besides, to feed them the meat that they would
naturally eat, you would have to serve them whole mice
or birds or allow them to hunt for themselves, an
option that is unfair to native species of birds and
other small animals, since companion cats and dogs
have been removed from the food chain and have
advantages that free-roaming animals lack.
Vegetarian or vegan dogs and cats enjoy their food
and good health, and a vegetarian diet for your
companion animal is ethically consistent with animal
rights philosophy.
Important Supplements
Making vegetarian food for dogs is easy because dogs,
like people, are omnivorous and usually hearty eaters.
Recipes for vegetarian and vegan dogs are available
along with the Vegedog™ supplement from James
Peden’s company, Harbingers of a New Age. It is
important to follow directions carefully.
If you make any changes in ingredients, make sure
that you do not change the nutritional balance of the
recipe. If a dog receives too little protein, calcium, or
vitamin D, his or her health could be jeopardized.
Additionally, some dogs need two amino acids called Lcarnitine
and taurine which are not generally added to
commercial dog foods and can be insufficient in
homemade dog food as well.
A deficiency of these nutrients can cause dilated
cardiomyopathy, a serious illness in which the heart
becomes large and flabby and can no longer function.
This illness generally strikes young or middle-aged
dogs who are deficient in L-carnitine or taurine
because of breed, size, individual genetic make-up, or
diet. Supplemental L-carnitine and taurine can be
bought at your local health food store

World's Longest Dog stretches 7.61 feet into Guinness World Records book
The Guiness World Records book 2009 has gone on sale featuring new additions including the World's Oldest Bridesmaid (105) and the World's Longest Dog (2m 32cm or 7.61 feet).


Kell, an English mastiff bitch owned by Tom Scott of East Leake, Leicestershire, England, is the heaviest living dog. With a weight of 286 lbs. on August 18, 1999. The heaviest dog on record was Aicama Zorba of La-Susa, an Old English mastiff owned by Chris Eraclides of London, England. "Zorba" weighted in at 343 lbs. at his heaviest, in Nov. 1989.

Small Dog Winner 'Best' Action: Whozit
Official Name: Chinquapin's Who's Who, CDX, MX, AXJ
Owner/Handler: Jane Mohr
Description: Whozit is an American Cocker Spaniel.
oint Winner: Kindle
Offical Name: Aylmere Afterglow CD, OA, AD, OC, OJC, NGC
Owner/Breeder/Handler: Diane Gregoire
Description: Kindle, a 15 1/2 inches Sheltie, was introduced to agility when she was six years old. She has taught Diane so much about performing as a team and just what communication is all about. She has sooo much heart and ALWAYS tries her best...she never has shut down, never.
oint Runner up: Ollie
Official Name: Baywind's Teddy Bear OA, NAJ, OAC, NJC, NGC, RS-O, GS-N, JS-N
Owner/Handler: Lanelle Rachel
Description: Ollie is a much loved and treasured Papillon. He is 11 inches tall..