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Christina Aguilera

Aguilera and her trusty Bichon Frise Lucy work the red carpet in London.

Nicole Richie

Richie clutches her “baby,” a Pomeranian named Foxy Cleopatra. According to IMDb, she’s named after Beyoncé Knowles' character in Austin Powers in Goldmember. Celebrity Dog Blog reports that Richie also has a Shih tzu named Honeychild.

Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne takes a rest from filming a music video with Lola, his English Bulldog.

Haylie Duff

According to Celebrity Dog Watcher, Duff’s Pomeranian, Bentley, pictured here in 2004, now has alopecia and has lost a lot of his fluffy coat.


Pink poses with her late English Bulldog Elvis in 2005. According to, Elvis was given to Pink by Lisa Marie Presley.

Elizabeth Taylor

Taylor arrives at Larry King Live in 2006 with her trusy Maltese Daisy on her lap.

Paris Hilton

Hilton poses with Cinderella the Mini Yorkie, which is just one of her many pint-sized pooches

Katherine McPhee with her Chihuahuas

Christina Aguilera leaves her hotel with her two dogs.

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Rachel Bilson is pictured with her dog Thurmen Murmen.

Lauren “LC” Conrad and Lauren “Lo” Bosworth of the Hills walk Chloe. 


Gossip Girl Blake Lively carrying pet pooch Penny

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Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester with her furry friend

Leighton Meester and her dog

Lauren Bacall

Dakota Fanning

Fanning is all smiles on the red carpet as she clutches an irresistible puppy.

Star Jones

Jones poses with Pinky, her precious Maltese.

Lauren Conrad with her dog

August 23 - Mischa Barton with her dog Charlie in Malibu.

Mischa Barton is seen here looking really snazzy in a simple yet hot white dress number. Toting her dog Charlie, the former star of hit teen show The OC flashes the features that made her every teenager’s dream girl during the show’s run. The cute blue vest enhanced the simple yet chic look Mischa’s gunning for. Together with the new hairdo and cool pair of shades, she seems to be making strides towards that wholesome image her PR officers have been working hard on getting. Having a really cute dog in the picture helped loads too.

Dog Charlie, said to be the only “man” in Mischa’s life right now, is looking sharp too. It didn’t hurt that the person walking him is goddess-like. As matter of fact, the picture can easily be depicted as innocent Mary and her little lamb. Major props to Mischa and her PR team. The bad presses the teen star suffered due to DUI charges and other rumors have somewhat affected her marketability. As people continue to see her more often as a normal, next door type of girl, the memories of those dark days will soon be forgotten. Again, good job for Mischa’s PR team for doing their best to offset the bad poker hands hollywood press has been dealing to their client lately.

Parker Posey & her dog

Rihanna and Chris Brown
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Bacall and her dog, Sophie, strike poses at an event celebrating the release of her memoir.

Jessica Simpson arrives at LAX airport on August 25th with her Maltipoo Daisy.

Lily Allen with her dog in London.


Liv Tyler with her dog